Upcoming Exhibits
True Colors


Color—in all its glory—is the theme of this exhibit. Bring on those bright, dazzling hues, or those soft, muted pastels. Explore deep, mysterious shades, or subtle, sophisticated tones. Does your palette include earth tones…or psychedelic blinders? Have you created a fuchsia-and-saffron fractal or a digital painting in chartreuse and cherry-blossom pink? Or, have you photographed the subtle range of blues and greens in an ocean vista? If color is an integral aspect of your art or photography, we want to see your images! (more…)

Realism + Abstraction


This exhibit will showcase art that depicts subjects realistically—as the human eye sees them—and art that does not. The latter will include not only abstract art, but also nonobjective art, nonfigurative art, and nonrepresentational art. We expect the exhibit, itself, to be a study in contrast and range, with works that demonstrate the broad spectrum of visual perception, from realist art to nonobjective art. We look forward to seeing an abundance of visual interpretations…including yours.


Stirring Emotions


One of the most compelling aspects of art is its ability to elicit human feelings. This exhibit will showcase images that stir such emotions in striking—or subtle—ways. The visual possibilities are virtually endless. An abstract digital painting of gnarled shapes in dark colors might create a sense of foreboding in a viewer, while a digitally enhanced photograph of a radiant sunrise might spark a feeling of joyful expectation. A digital image of a detailed, symmetrical pattern might evoke a sense of order and control, while a fractal—itself a theoretical mathematical construct that can represent intricate structures deep within nature—might inspire awe.

Arguably, all visual images elicit some kind of emotional response. We want to see those that reach out poignantly—to the viewer, or to the artist or photographer, himself. We want to experience, through your work, positive feelings such as elation, determination, hope, comfort, delight, peacefulness, surprise, powerfulness, excitement, confidence, playfulness. We also want to experience the darker emotions, such as anger, confusion, grief, loneliness, fear, jealousy, shock, panic, shame, hostility, stress, sadness. If you feel it, we want to feel it…through your art or photography! (more…)