Archived Exhibits
Simply the Best

Digital Arts: California is thrilled to present “Simply the Best,” our inaugural digital arts exhibit. You are about to see 271 dynamic works by 53 exceptional artists and photographers who hail from 19 countries. We are so pleased that our very first exhibit has drawn such international interest—our website has received visits from 818 cities in 87 countries. (more…)

True Colors

The artists and photographers have done it again! They have embraced our latest show, “True Colors,” and have submitted works that masterfully weave colors of every hue and brightness through their fascinating visual concepts. These artists hail from 23 countries, including 18 states in the USA, and have once again made our show an international event. (more…)

Wide Open Digital

Our latest exhibit, “Wide Open Digital,” showcases exciting innovative work by 67 digital artists and photographers from 22 countries. This show includes 293 images that range, in style and technique, from one end of the digital spectrum to the other. These images represent some of the most talented work in digital arts around the globe. (more…)

Simply the Best 2

“Simply the Best 2” reprises the visual excitement of our very first show. The images here are sensational! They represent 78 accomplished digital artists and photographers from 27 countries. Ranging, in method and style, across the digital spectrum, the 382 works here showcase extraordinary talent in digital art and photography from around the world. We would like to welcome, for the very first time, artists and photographers from Andorra, Belgium, Brazil, Greece, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, and Malaysia. (more…)

True Colors 2

“True Colors 2” reprises the color sensation of our first “True Colors” show. The images here deftly weave colors that range from eye-grabbing brights to soft pastels, from natural earth tones to mysterious deep hues. The many stunning images in this show come from around the world, representing 83 accomplished digital artists and photographers from 20 countries. (more…)